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Incredible yoga must-haves

Yoga aims to unite the body, mind and soul and to bring harmony, balance and relaxation. Enjoy our impressive selection of yoga essentials for men and women at They will make your practice as mindful as possible.

Men’s Apparel

High-quality yoga clothes help you feel comfortable and relax during yoga class. Move freely and easy with our collection of men’s yoga apparel. We stock long-sleeve t-shirts, extra loose pants, sports pants, elastic tank tops, short-sleeve t-shirts and many more. Find the ideal balance between performance, versatility and comfort with our men’s yoga clothing.

Men’s footwear

Complete your yoga attire with excellent pair of yoga shoes. Our shoes are able to provide comfort and flexibility during yoga sessions. Check out a huge array of men’s yoga shoes now and choose your perfect pair, your feet will definitely thank you later.

Women’s Apparel

Stay comfortable and confident while doing yoga. Don’t miss out on our extensive selection of breathable yoga leggings, quick drying tank tops, loose sleeveless tops, nylon yoga cropped tops, elastic yoga pants and other women’s yoga apparel. All our yoga clothing is made of special materials that is why it dries faster and lasts longer.

Women’s footwear

Fashion has become a great part of any sport. Yoga is no different. Check out our marvelous assortment of colorful women’s yoga shoes, they come in different styles and designs. What is more, all our shoes are made of flexible materials. They provide you additional balance and stability when you practice poses.

Yoga mats

Yoga mats are essential tools for every yoga fan. Whatever you practice, we can offer you the perfect mat. We have got a huge collection of yoga mats that come in different colors, patterns, materials and sizes. Shop the extensive range of yoga mats and pick out the one that’s right for you.

Yoga towels

Check out our wide variety of yoga towels. We stock microfiber yoga towels, anti-slip yoga towels, cooling towels and more. No matter what towel you choose, it will help you get the most from your yoga practice. All towels are very durable and will always look and feel as new.

Yoga props

Yoga props help you find more space, stability, balance and freedom in your poses. We offer everything for beginners or advanced yogis: resistance bands, yoga belts, rollers, stretching bricks, massage pads, yoga blankets and other yoga essentials. Right yoga prop can elevate the physical and spiritual trajectory of your practice.

Yoga accessories

Discover a variety of yoga-inspired accessories including natural stone bracelets, ethnic earrings, ornamented pendant necklaces, Tibetan style rings and many more. Shop yoga accessories now! Add a stylish touch to your outfit and show off your love to yoga.